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 Coca-Cola is  the the world’s most popular sparkling brand and the world’s most recognizable brand.

 As early as in 1886,John Pemberton , an American pharmacist,with his  wisdom,produced the refreshing syrup for Coke with selected ingredients.The first cup of Coke was sold in Jacobs’Pharmacy in Atlanta.

 Coca-Cola was patented in 1887 and trademarked in 1893. By 1895, the distribution network of the refreshing Coke had spread all over the United States. In 1906, it began to go global.

 Coca-Cola first entered China in 1927 and returned here in 1979.

Coke Zero

 Coke Zero is a Coca一Cola product brought to the market in 2005.By 2007,  its annual sales had exceeded 1 billion US dollars.While retaining the classic taste.Coke Zero offers consumers refreshing experience without sugar and calories.

Diet Coke

 Diet Coke is a soft drink without sugar and calories.The product was first launched in the United States on August 9.1982. and was the first attempt for brand extension after Coca-Cola trademark was used in 1886.

 Today Diet Coke is one of Coca-cola's greatest and most successful brands. with products sold in more than 150 markets around the world.

Coca Cola Fiber+

 Since its launch in Japan in early 2017.Coca-Cola Fiber+ has gained tremendous attention and popularity in China and received a lot of positive consumer feedback.Instantly. it became popular on social networks. Its price in domestic online stores once rose to CNY 30 yuan per bottle. making it one of the top 10 Internet-famous beverages of 2017.

 Coca-Cola Fiber+ was fully available in China in 2018.Specially add Fiber into the product with zero sugar zero calories. to provide no-burden feelings while offering great taste.