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SAP ERP System Integration Project Goes Live Successfully in CBL

After Coca-Cola China refranchising business in 2017, the number of bottling plants CBL owns grows from 9 to 19. To meet the requirements in new business, CBL initiated ERP system integration project since April 1st in2017. On 1st Jan, 2018, the project successfully completed system switch in 9 bottling plants (Liaoning South, Liaoning north, Liaoning middle, Shaanxi, Heilongjiang, Jilin, Shanxi, Sichuan, Chongqing). Comparing with the first-tier initiated bottling plants in benchmark enterprise, CBL at least launched the new system 180 days in advance.

The whole system switch project contains several procedures, including demand researches, blueprint design, system implementation, system testing, on-line preparation and system switching steps, etc.:

In April 2017, the project team in Shaanxi, Liaoning two plants completed all ten module business research and users visit, including PP (Production planning), the MM (Material Management), TMS, FICO (Financial and Controlling), SD(Sales and Distribution), TPM (Trade Promotion Management), CIC (Customer Interaction Center), CDE (Cold Drink Equipment Management), ODP (Outlet Delivery Partner) and the MDM (Master Data Management);

From May to July, the project completed blueprint planning, process analysis, unit testing, integration testing, master data analysis, handbook compiling, simulation practice and other works in all modules;

 From August to September, the team completed entry training, user practice, master data sign off and loading, and key accounts professional training related core works;

On October 6th, the team completed system switch in the first-tier bottling plants (Liaoning South, Liaoning North, Liaoning Mid, Shaanxi). The system runs well since the switch and received positive users’ feedback with support to complete the monthly statement;

On January 1st, 2018, second-tier bottling plants finished switch.

On CBL’s new platform, we officially starts the new era in comprehensive information system integration. Real-time data sharing, seamless connection and joint business services support in each unit with in a clearer and more convenient operation will contribute more in CBL’s growth in 2018!