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The first inspection team of the State Administration for Work Safety inspects work of CBL Beijing Bottler

On 8th Nov., Zhang Yong, Deputy Director of State Administration for Work Safety, Wang Lei, Head of Education Department, HR Direction, Bo Shuping, Head of Training Department, Training Center, and Zhang Yingdong, officer of Training Center, inspected CBL Beijing Bottler for work safety.

The inspection team has listened to the report on safety training situation of COFCO, the safety training of CBL Beijing Bottler, conducted an in-depth communication on the safety training of COFCO, reviewed the safety standard documents of CBL Beijing Bottler, and inspected the site of employees’ safety production knowledge examination.

The inspection team conducted a survey on the contents of safety training in the plant, as well as the situation of sparkling production line, history and culture. Through the field survey of the Company's environmental safety, the team has given guidance opinions on the standardized management and timely maintenance of the plant area.

Chen Zhigang, Deputy Director of Auditing, Law and RM Department, COFCO, Tan Shuai, Deputy General Manager of Auditing Legal and RM Department, COFCO, Zhan Zaizhong, General Manager CBL Beijing Bottler accompanied.