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On Nov. 13, Zhao Shuanglian, the party secretary of the Party Leading Group, Chairman of COFCO, visited CBL Chongqing to view the production workshop, enterprise culture corridor, party construction activity center, Coca-Cola museum, etc., conducting a in-depth research on the historical evolution of CBL Chongqing, the production and operation and the construction of the grass-roots party administ...
On December 1st, Chairman Zhao Shuanglian, Secretary of the CPC in COFCO, Chairman of COFCO and his team made a visit to BCL Hebei for research and guidance.Zhao Shuanglian and his team visited Hebei, including Party Construction Activities Center, Coca-Cola Museum, Corporate Culture Corridor, and conducted detailed research on CBL Hebei's historical evolution, grass-roots party administration construction, production and operation management, et...
On November 2, 2017, Hao Peng, the Party Secretary of Party Committee of SASAC and his team went to the Beijing factory for research and guidance. Zhao Shuanglian, the party secretary of the Party Leading Group, Chairman of COFCO, Patrick Yu, deputy party secretary of the Party Leading Group, President of COFCO accompanied.Hao Peng visited the corridor over production line of CBL Beijing, Coca-Col...
On April 1, 2017, through the restructuring of Coca-Cola business in China, CBL holding bottlers increased to 19 from 9. Facing the new business needs, the integration project of the ERP system of the new plants in China was formally launched in April. After half a year, the ERP system integration project successfully completed in CBL Shaanxi, CBL Liaoning and other 2 bottlers.In April 2017, the project team completed the PP (production plan), MM...
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